Gould Evans Plans for Future with Relocation of KC Studio to Historic Westport Building

New space designed to foster firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and inventive thinking

Kansas City, MO, October 11, 2018 – Gould Evans, a nationally-recognized design and planning firm, has announced today that it will relocate its Kansas City studio to one of the few remaining historic buildings in Westport. The new space, located at 4200 Pennsylvania Avenue, will position the firm for growth and success in the future, and speaks to Gould Evans’ continued investment in the Westport District, which it has called home for the last 22 years.

The 22,000 sq. ft. building, constructed in 1925 in the “Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Revival Period”, operated as Plaza Laundry until 1945. Over the years, the space has continued to operate as a commercial building, retaining its original exterior and connection to the broader historical context of Westport.

“Westport has become a strategic asset for us, both as a recruiting tool for new talent and an amenity for our clients,” said Dennis Strait, Managing Principal of the Gould Evans Kansas City Studio. “The narrow streets, small blocks and diverse mix of shops, restaurants and services make it the model for walkable living in Kansas City.”

Challenged with creating a space that will facilitate the firm’s vision and evolution into a progressive design practice, Gould Evans plans to adapt the historic building into a modern workplace that will act as an incubator for a design thinking. The space will create an environment that fosters creativity and enables the entrepreneurial spirit that has always existed within the firm, to allow new ideas, opportunities and business ventures to come to the forefront.

The two-story, flexible studio will cater to a broader range of working styles, taking advantage of the original structure’s unique bones to provide a variety of intelligent and dynamic zones. The renovation will dedicate more square footage to collaboration areas than traditional desk space and will feature:

  • A dedicated makerspace featuring digital and physical modeling tools alongside assembly space for mockups

  • A social zone for casual gathering that transitions to town hall gathering space for associates and local community

  • Loft in the trusses with quiet nooks for introverts and heads down space

  • Natural lighting from all four directions so everyone has access to daylight and views

  • Height adjustable work environments customizable to the individual

  • An outdoor patio along the trolley tracks for gatherings, outdoor work space and entertainment

In addition, the firm will continue to house the STEAM Studio, a nonprofit organization that works with K-12 students to develop skills in entrepreneurialism and design thinking, using STEM education as the foundation. The Studio, which began as an entrepreneurial venture of a Gould Evans principal in 2015, has served as an active learning environment within the firm, yielding research and insights into education design.

“Businesses and Biology both have life cycles that hit peaks and require fresh investment to have resiliency and avoid decline. We believe we are designing a design firm and this new environment is a perfect metaphor for our practice,” said Tony Rohr, Gould Evans National Managing Principal. “We aren’t forgetting the core of what we’ve been for over 40 years, but in many ways, this is a new beginning, or at least a new chapter. The insertion of new life into a historic frame is similar to inserting a new design culture into a traditional structure. It’s dynamic – not static.”

The new office will offer a more dynamic environment that is conducive to hosting firm-wide meetings, events and community gatherings. Gould Evans is expected to move into the building in early 2019.

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