19 APRIL 2018 : EVENTS

Gould Evans Introduces UDL Learning Spaces Idea Kit

Next week at the UDL-IRN Summit in Orlando, Gould Evans will be presenting to an international audience of educators and unveiling the newly completed UDL Learning Spaces Idea Kit! Designed through an interdisciplinary collaboration of architects, educational researchers, educators, and learners themselves, the Idea Kit is a tool to help UDL (Universal Design for Learning) practitioners amplify their efforts with UDL practices via strategic design of their learning spaces.

You don’t have to be a UDL practitioner to benefit from the Idea Kit. UDL was developed by Harvard Neuro Psychologists as a research-based approach to personalized learning – it benefits any learner in any educational setting. Click here to request your own Idea Kit!

Gould Evans’ Education Practice Studio believes strongly in shaping learning spaces from the inside out, starting with the lens of the educators and students. You can find out more about our approach through the work occurring in our in-house experimental learning program: STEAM Studio, and a compilation of our research in the book Unleashing Creative Genius.